Now it's easier to buy all the equipment you need.
Leave all those cumbersome processes in our hands.

SimplyBuy® is a program that resolves purchases of multiple assets that your company needs to make in a period of up to 90 days. Engenium Capital will take care of paying the supplier for the equipment during this period, after which the purchases will be grouped, converting them into a single lease agreement. Management couldn't be easier!


Ideal for forklifts, technology, office equipment and trucks, among others.

At the beginning

We define the following about the equipment: 

• Quantity and characteristics.

• Estimated amount of the purchase plan. 

• Estimated reception dates. 


We formalize it: 

• In a lease agreement and annex for the estimated amount of the purchase plan.

For 90 days

1. You make the equipment purchases (without minimum purchase). 

2. Upon receiving the equipment, you notify us by sending us the signed "Equipment Application Form". 

3. We pay the supplier of the equipment acquired. 

During this period you do not pay any rent. 


1. We group the equipment purchases during the SimplyBuy® period. 

2. If necessary, we adjust the documents signed at the start with the final purchase amount. 

3. We calculate proportional rents for equipment purchases during the SimplyBuy® period and send you a single invoice.

4. Start the lease and from that moment you will receive the rent invoice for the basic term.