Finance the advances for equipment purchases, and we will help you with all the paperwork if you need to import it. 

The ProgressPayment program allows you to insure the purchase of equipment with national or foreign suppliers through the payment of advances by Engenium Capital to the supplier, according to the progress on manufacturing, transport and delivery of the equipment, converting all payments into the total amount of the equipment to be financed in order to start the  true lease, finance lease or business loan agreement, according to the specific term, type of interest rate (fixed or variable) and currency (pesos or dollars). 

Improve your cash flow by only paying interest during the ProgressPayment period.


Build trust with your supplier and avoid additional guarantees that may be required of you.

Improve your cash flow by only paying interest during the 
ProgressPayment period.

Foreign equipment? 

Leave the import paperwork to us.

At the beginning

Personalized foreign trade advice with the support of expert international companies.

For 90 days

Follow-up, permitting and payment of taxes.

Arrival in Mexico

Compliance with legal requirements for the equipment to remain in the country (optional delivery of the equipment to your plant).