Operating lease


One solution, which is many solutions.

Ensure your company stays at the forefront with modern equipment without having to decapitalize. Engenium Capital's true lease product allows you to pay a monthly (tax deductible) rent for the use of the equipment that will make your company grow during the lease period. At the end of the term, you will have the option of purchasing the equipment, extending the lease term, or returning the equipment in order to replace it with equipment with the latest technology.


  • Tax deduction of the lease rents
  • Eliminates obsolescence risk
  • Improves working capital and liquidity

  • Releases guarantees of other financings with structures over guaranteed

  • Possibility of financing the equipment advances payments with our ProgressPayments service

  • Simplification of recurring purchases of equipment with our SimplyBuy® service


  • Options at the end of the lease (purchase, release or lease term extension)
  • Financing of new or used equipment
  • As of 2019:

    • Partial record of the asset in the balance sheet as an asset by right of use
    • Accounting record of depreciation and interest under "EBITDA"

Sale & Lease back option

  • New source of liquidity, using your existing asset base
  • Financing of used equipment at market value or book value

Product variations

  • Fixed or variable rates in pesos or dollars.
  • Cancellation and early purchase options.
  • Fixed or staggered payment scheme.