Capital lease


Financing that really adapts to your needs.

Acquire the machinery and equipment your company needs to grow. Engenium Capital's financial leasing product allows you to pay rent during the term of the financing with the option of acquiring the equipment at maturity through a symbolic payment. 
The flexibility of our product will surprise you, learn how!


  • Improve liquidity.

  • Accounting and tax ownership by the lessee.

  • The asset is recorded on your balance sheet and the interest and depreciation of the period on your income statement.

  • Legal ownership by the lessor.

  • VAT paid by the lessor.

  • Release of other loan guarantees with guaranteed structures.


  • The value of the financing is calculated before VAT, that is, without a financial surcharge as a result of this tax.

  • Legal ownership of the lessee's equipment.

  • Tailor-made payment structures.

Sale & Lease back option 

  • New source of liquidity.

  • Improve working capital.

  • Flexible terms in currency, term, rate, etc. 

Product variations 

  • Fixed or variable rates in pesos or dollars.
  • Cancellation and early purchase options.
  • Fixed or staggered payment scheme.