We create energy with our energy!

We finance projects in the energy sector, including oil and gas, renewable energy and power generation. We create comprehensive financing solutions to satisfy your strategic needs. 

Crear energía, nos llena de energía. Somos la mejor solución para que juntos creemos la energía que hará crecer tu negocio

Creating energy energizes us. We are the best solution for creating the energy together that will help grow your business.

We are specialists in power generation projects. Whether it's fossil or renewable energy, our experts have the specific solution for your company. Our direct relationship with equipment manufacturing companies allows us to design effective and highly sophisticated financing solutions so that your projects generate energy and growth for your business.

When it comes to generating energy, we are the starter motor! 

We finance two types of assets: Energy generation and Oil and gas.

Energy Generation

a.    Fossil


  • Motors and turbines for cogeneration.
  • Motors and turbines for combined cycle.
  • Equipment for thermoelectric plants.

b.    Renewables:


  • Wind turbines.      

  • Solar power generation equipment.      

  • Turbines for geothermal.   

  • Hydroelectric turbines. 

  • Biomass.


  • Self-supply.
  • Partial sale of energy.
  • Energy sales projects with established companies.


  • From 500 KW to 20 MW

  • Legacy permits and projects from the new Energy Reform.

Turnkey project financing

  • Assets.
  • Engineering.
  • Intangibles.


  • We know the industry like no one else.
  • Tailored structuring.
  • Relations with equipment manufacturing companies and EPC (Engineering, Powering, and Construction).
  • Including off-taker in the operation.
  • Differentiated service
  • Deadlines according to the project generation cycle

Oil and Gas

a.    On Shore


  • Compression equipment for well stimulation.
  • Distribution and storage.
  • Drilling and maintenance.
  • Energy generation.
  • Technology equipment (telematics).
  • Titans and virtual gas pipelines.
  • Cranes and construction equipment.

b.    Off Shore:


  • Ships (tugboats, speedboats, supply vessels, barges).

  • Compression equipment.


  • New private investment in the sector.
  • Around PEMEX.


  • Extensive knowledge of the industry.
  • Tailor-made structures.
  • Relations with equipment manufacturing companies.


Experts in financing productive assets in flexible structures.





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