The credit to activate all your assets.


Whether you need one asset or several, with our business loan product, state-of-the-art equipment is no longer out of your company's reach. All you have to do is decide which equipment is best and we'll take care of the financing. 


  • New source of liquidity - improve cash levels

  • Consolidation of debt in one single creditor and with a single payment scheme.

  • Release of other loan guarantees with guaranteed structures.

  • Fixed or staggered payments scheme.


  • Flexible guarantee structure.

  • Tailor-made terms and conditions.

  • Variety of amortization options.


  • Collateral based on the customer's profile and the specific transaction. 

  • Machinery and equipment.

  • Industrial properties.

Product variations 

  • Fixed or variable rate in pesos or dollars.
  • Flexible scheme according to needs (specific cash projections).
  • Financing for one or several assets.